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Our history begins with Vincent Matania is the Managing Director of IDL Uk. He started a small business (De La Warr Displays) with his Father Marco in 1986, manufacturing Velcro compatible panels for the UK distributor (GINGERBREAD) of the NOMADIC and EXPAND pop up systems. Within a year De La Warr Displays was assembling the NOMADIC and EXPAND frames for GINGERBREAD and had developed it’s own folding panel system called 8-FOLD.

By 1988, De La Warr Displays had bought out GINGERBREAD and became a major manufacturer of Display Products in the UK. The company moved to larger premises in South East London where it began trading under the name DISPLAY MAKERS and vastly expanded it’s portfolio of display products, further cementing it’s solid reputation as one of the major UK manufacturers within the exhibition industry.

It was Vincent’s particular passion for Pop-ups together with his desire to develop an export market that eventually led to him leaving DISPLAY MAKERS in 1993 and forming a new company called SCAN DISPLAY together with PHOTOBITION. He designed the PREMIER Pop-up system and launched it at the 1994 Euroshop Exhibition in Dusseldorf where it went on to become an instant global success. At the age of 26, he became one of the many casualties of the infamous collapse of the PHOTOBITION GROUP.

Vincent then took over DISPLAY MAKERS in 1996 which allowed his father to retire to Spain. This enabled Vincent to remain focussed on the pop-up market and he set about designing a new pop up called the ECLIPSE which was the world’s FIRST FULLY MAGNETIC pop-up system. This catapulted DISPLAY MAKERS into the forefront of the Pop-up field. It was in 2000 that his Father Marco returned from Spain with a view to developing a market outside of the display industry. Vincent’s desire to remain fully focussed on the Pop-up industry coupled with the fact that he was spending so much time away from his young family led him to start his own business in his home town.

OWL WORKS was formed that year and Vincent devised a new suite of products including the APEX and FINALE pop-ups, further refining the technology he had developed in the previous pop-ups. It was in this year that MATT KEMP, a close friend and former Manager at DISPLAY MAKERS, joined Vincent and helped build it’s success in the UK market. OWL WORKS then merged with INSPIRATIONS and OPTIONS MANUFACTURING to form INSPIRATIONS DISPLAYS LIMITED (IDL).

Vincent was approached in 2003 by the global display company MARK BRIC DISPLAY AB in Sweden who were looking to expand their product range. A contract was agreed for MARK BRIC to manufacture and distribute the IDL products worldwide under the MARK BRIC brand. This partnership has allowed IDL to concentrate on product design and also ensured that the IDL products have built a good reputation for quality and reliability in over 50 countries. Matt Kemp went on to head up IDL IRELAND which he runs from his picturesque 9 acre farm in Kells, Co. Meath.